Anne Hathaway Recalls Being ‘Warned’ That Her Career Would ‘Fall Off’ At Age 35


Actor Anne Hathaway says she was told her career would evaporate after turning 35.

In a new interview with Porter magazine, the “Devil Wears Prada” star, 41, spoke out about Hollywood’s oppressive aging standards that many women deal with.

“When I started out as a child, I was warned that my career would fall off a cliff at the age of 35, which is something I know a lot of women face,” she said.

Hathaway went on to praise the women who have overcome the unfair expectations and found success as they got older.

“The thing that has evolved during [that time] is that more women are having careers deeper into their lives, which I think is fantastic,” the Oscar winner continued.

Hathaway added: “Obviously, it doesn’t mean we should have a ticker tape parade — someone said this to me the other day: ‘There’s so much to be proud of and there’s so much to fix.’”

While appearing in a Q&A session following the premiere of her film, “Eileen,” at the Sundance Film Festival, Hathaway recalled the time when a journalist asked her, “Are you a good girl or a bad girl?” when she was just 16 years old.