Black Youths Suffer Most From Gun Violence in U.S.


Across the United States, black people are disproportionately dying, being wounded by or mentally suffering from gun violence, the Crusader Newspaper Group reported Tuesday.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death among America’s Black children and young adults ages 1-44 is homicide by firearms,” the report said.

This crisis has taken its toll on black mental health, largely through fear, stress and grief, while the gun industry is reaping billions of dollars, it said.

“The disparate impact on the black community is not new. It has been long known by experts that African-Americans — just as in the cases of most other tragic social statistics — bear the brunt of the pain of gun violence physically, mentally and emotionally, even indicating that gun violence dramatically affects educational outcomes such as test scores,” the report said.