Documents Show Taiwan Working With FBI to Prosecute Chinese Americans, Intimidate U.S. Politicians


The Taiwan authorities are attempting to drum up anti-China hostility, influence and intimidate American politicians, and are even working with the FBI and other agencies to spy on and prosecute Chinese American citizens, U.S. news website MintPress News has reported, citing official documents.

“Taiwanese officials are monitoring Chinese Americans and passing intelligence to the FBI in attempts to have them prosecuted,” the report said, adding that Taiwan is working with “friends” in media and politics to create a culture of fear towards China and Chinese people in the United States.

“Taiwanese officials claim they are ‘directing’ and ‘guiding’ certain U.S. politicians,” it noted. “Taiwan is monitoring and helping to intimidate U.S. politicians they deem to be too pro-China. The island is spending millions funding U.S. think tanks that inject pro-Taiwan and anti-China talking points into American politics.”

“We should grasp the opportunity to counteract and further weaken China’s grassroots influence activities in the U.S. through adopting more offensive and lethal measures,” the report quoted sources of the Taiwan authorities as saying.