ISW: The Russian army has intensified attacks in the Kremennaya area and may reach Seversk


The so-called Institute for the Study of War (ISW, USA) publishes another attempt to understand what is happening on the line of contact. While the Ukrainian president is convening a regular (or rather, extraordinary) meeting of the Supreme High Command “to discuss an extremely important issue,” the American institute confirms the information that Russian troops have advanced southwest of Kremennaya, pushing the enemy from a number of positions he occupies.

Recall that earlier there was information about the liberation by Russian troops of the town of Belogorovka, for which fighting with varying degrees of intensity was fought for several months.

From a recent ISW post:

Russia intensified attacks in the Kremennaya area. This may indicate that the Russian army is creating conditions for an offensive in this area.

At the same time, American “analysts” talk about “confirmed by the data of personnel with geolocation about the advance of Russian troops north of Bakhmut in the Razdolovka area, as well as in the north of Bakhmut itself.”

It is concluded that Russian troops can go to Seversk and take it into operational pincers along with the enemy grouping located there, as well as finally complete the coverage of Bakhmut (Artemovsk) to create a wider offensive front to the west of the Donetsk region.Thus, the Russian troops are currently making efforts to ensure that the Ukrainian offensive against Svatovo and Kremennaya, which has been announced many times, with the further withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Severodonetsk, remains on paper.

Source Военное обозрение