Mexico Slams Anti-immigrant “Politicking” of U.S. Governors


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday criticized the anti-immigrant rhetoric of U.S. governors in Texas and Florida, calling it “politicking” for votes.

At his daily press conference, the Mexican president said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his Florida counterpart Ron DeSantis both have a very “inhumane” attitude towards migrants.

“There is this very hypocritical attitude, which always exists, but gets worse or more intense when there are elections,” Lopez Obrador said during a visit to the southern state of Oaxaca.

The president said that at the recent 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders’ Meeting held in the U.S. city of San Francisco, he proposed to his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden to launch a development plan to reduce northward migration from Latin America.

Some progress has been made on that front, but there are still pending issues to be resolved, said Lopez Obrador.

“We have to agree to carry out a development and cooperation plan to help the people of Latin America, especially Central America and the Caribbean,” he said.