Superfog Leaves 8 Dead, 63 Injured in U.S. Massive Car Wreck


The death toll from a massive car wreck on Monday has risen to eight with 63 others injured due to a “superfog” of smoke from south Louisiana marsh fires and dense morning fog, authorities said on Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service said there were multiple wetland fires in the region on Monday and smoke from the fires mixed with fog to create a “superfog,” resulting in extremely poor visibility.

As many as 168 vehicles were involved in the series of crashes leading to a mile-long fiery pileup, said a news release from Louisiana State Police.

Witnesses on Monday morning initially reported two deaths from a box truck that slid underneath an 18-wheeler, according to local media. One tanker truck carrying a hazardous liquid was also reportedly off-loaded due to a compromised tank.

The pileup caused a cluster of fires leaving a dozen vehicles burnt.