Syrian Officials Denounce U.S. Military Hegemony, Call For Multipolar World


Syrian officials have warned of the far-reaching consequences of U.S. military hegemony, stressing the need for a multipolar world.

“The clear danger posed by this state to the world’s destiny and security becomes evident,” Iyad Wanous, general manager of the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) told xinhua, citing a recent report by Xinhua’s think tank that uncovered the damage and threats of U.S. hegemonic pursuits, titled Origins, Facts and Perils of U.S. Military Hegemony.

“In reality, the report is comprehensive and briefly covers the history and policies of imperialist United States,” providing a panoramic review of the decades-long series of unjust wars waged by the United States, which were often in violation of international agreements, Wanous said.

The aggressive nature of the United States is pushing humanity towards a “disaster of global proportions,” Wanous said, underscoring the urgent need for a united front of capable forces to deter and prevent this impending catastrophe.

Echoing Wanous’ remarks, Abdul Latif Imran, editor-in-chief of the Al-Baath newspaper, Syria’s government-run media, characterized U.S. hegemony as “unparalleled” with the United States at the helm and the rest of the world as followers.

“The U.S. has worked to acquire global military hegemony through wars, military expansions, and the building of an American-style democracy based on dominance and bullying of other nations,” he said.

He outlined the multifaceted means through which the United States has maintained its dominance, including military interventions, alliances, and manipulation of domestic policies and interest groups, which were also elaborated in the Xinhua report.

Imran warned of the far-reaching consequences of U.S. military hegemony, stressing the need for a multipolar world.

In an interview with Xinhua, Bouthaina Shaaban, special advisor to the Syrian Presidency, spoke of the presence of American forces on Syrian soil.

Shaaban unequivocally denounced it as an occupation, affirming the Syrian people’s resolve to fight for the liberation of their land through legitimate means.

She accused the United States of appropriating Syrian resources, such as oil and wheat, while Syrians are suffering from the deprivation of these essentials and a worsening humanitarian crisis.

According to previous reports by SANA, the U.S. forces have stolen and illegally transported a substantial amount of wheat and oil from Syria’s northeast province of Hasakah to its bases in Iraq.

Official data released by Syria showed that more than 80 percent of the country’s oil production in the first half of 2022 was plundered by the U.S. military and its supported armed forces.

“They talk about themselves as democrats and defenders of human rights, but we see that America is stealing Syrian oil in front of the whole world and taking it away,” Shaaban said.