There will be collaboration between Penza region and Tajikistan in the tourism industry


Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Penza Region Sergey Bychkov took part in the ninth conference on interregional cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan, which took place on March 2 in Dushanbe. On behalf of Governor Oleg Melnichenko, the Penza delegation was headed by Nikolai Simonov, head of the regional government.


Within the framework of the conference, panel sessions were held in various areas: industry, energy, tourism, transport, education and others. At the session “Tourism: tasks and prospects” Sergey Bychkov made a report in which he spoke about the rich literary heritage of the Penza region as a factor of tourist attraction.

“The presentation was greeted with great interest, because now there is a surge in the study of the Russian language in Tajikistan,” Sergey Vyacheslavovich told the correspondent of the online publication “Penza is our home” upon his return. – We know that several Russian-language schools have recently opened in this country. During our visit there was no language barrier at all. The topics that we proposed were interesting to the host, because the names we talked about are in schools.”

In his speech, the minister focused on “Tarkhany”. Declaring the topic of literary routes, the representatives of the Penza delegation wanted to show how one can learn the Russian language through the study of Russian culture, and vice versa. And an already implemented project is connected with Tarkhans. This is a video tour of the museum in Tajik, which was created in our region a few years ago.

Knowing that a large number of foreign students study in Penza, for whom Russian is not their native language, and so that they could more comfortably enter our environment, they could better understand Russian culture, an excursion was created for them in their native languages, including Tajik. By the way, there is a Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University in Dushanbe, where the Center of the Russian Language and Culture operates. The Penza project will be transferred to the Center for educational use.

“Tajikistan has a lot to offer to the people of our region,” says Sergey Vyacheslavovich. – The country is 90% mountainous, and, accordingly, they have a very large volume of offers related to the mountains: skiing, mountaineering, river rafting … There is a good logistical connection between Russia and Tajikistan: about 5 flights a day flies from Moscow in Dushanbe, affordable prices, beautiful nature, a variety of fruits. In Tajikistan, there is a peculiarity – not everywhere there is Internet due to the fact that it is a mountainous area. And the guests were presented with an offline project: a smartphone application that will not allow tourists to get lost.”

Source: nd58