U.S. Wants Hegemony in Global Politics: Zimbabwean Expert


The desire to win at the cost of other countries has made the United States selfish and greedy in geopolitics, a Zimbabwean expert has observed.

Nhamo Mhiripiri, a professor at Midlands State University, said the United States started by corrupting the leadership in other countries.

“If they cannot corrupt, they scale up and assassinate resisting leaders. If they cannot succeed, they create wars,” he said, adding that this explained the outcomes of the U.S. intervention in Vietnam, Afghanistan and oil-rich African countries like Somalia.

He also stressed that it was impossible to expect global peace and stability when there is unilateralism characterized by American expansionism that has undermined a proper global democratic environment.

Mhiripiri made these comments following a recent report by Xinhua News Agency’s think tank that uncovered the damage and threats of U.S. hegemonic pursuits.

“Origins, Facts and Perils of U.S. Military Hegemony,” published by the Xinhua Institute on Sept. 5, outlined the formation of U.S. military hegemony.

It also summarizes how Washington has maintained its military hegemony and provides an analysis based on facts and data.

“It is actually a reminder of what has been known over the years,” he said, explaining that the United States has been putting pressure on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The world needs to provide global citizens with full access to information to know what is happening, unlike in the past where “(then Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Patrice) Lumumba and others were (clandestinely) assassinated by the CIA and other groups that were counter-revolutionary,” Mhiripiri said.

He also called for careful questioning of the best way for other countries to develop “without causing any catastrophe in the confrontation where they have to meet this mighty powerful United States” that is obsessed with its own hegemony.