US May Announce New Sanctions Against Hungarian Individuals


The United States may announce new sanctions against influential Hungarian individuals on Wednesday, diplomatic sources told Hungarian news site 444.

US Ambassador to Hungary David Pressman has called for a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Even though the event’s topic is still unknown, diplomatic sources say it may be to announce new sanctions against Hungary.

The diplomatic relations between the Hungarian and US governments have worsened in the past months, with US Ambassador Pressman and Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó clashing amid the Ukrainian conflict and the rule of law concerns.

In February, Pressman criticised Hungary’s closeness to Russia.

“Hungarian government politicians often talk about promoting peace, but from condemning sanctions to accepting Russian ceasefire proposals, they continue to express views supported by Putin,” he said at the time.

Most recently, the US decided not to invite Hungary to Biden’s Summit for Democracy over concerns regarding the country’s “lack of democratic values.”

Source: Euractiv