U.S. Emergency Physician Sees Cruelty of Immigration Policy up Close: CNN


Thousands of migrants have been making perilous trek through the desert in recent years, suffering from the consequences of harsh U.S. border policies, together with many more new complications, said a recent CNN opinion.

“From mid-June until the end of July, El Paso experienced over 40 consecutive days of 100-plus degree heat, which meant that in addition to the usual tragedies my fellow doctors and I are accustomed to seeing, our emergency room had to contend with heat-related sickness,” said Brian Elmore, an emergency-medicine resident physician in El Paso city, the U.S. state of Texas.

More than 100 migrants have died from heat along the southern U.S. border this year, with 13 deaths and 226 rescues for dehydration and other heat-related issues in just one week in July, Elmore cited the U.S. Border Patrol in his article published Sunday.

The border has served as a macabre experiment in ways that failed U.S. immigration policy, maiming and mangling people hoping to make a better life in the United States, he noted.

“Over the past several decades, politicians on both sides of the aisle have each left their own marks on the border, often surpassing each other in cruelty,” he added.