U.S. Should End “War on Terror”: World Politics Review


More than ever, the U.S. public must redouble its efforts to push Congress and the U.S. administration to end the forever “war on terror,” World Politics Review has reported.

“Experts have strived for the past two decades to question Washington’s assumptions and inform the U.S. strategy to address violent extremism abroad,” said the article published Monday.

“Some have looked at how the ‘terrorist’ label affects analysis and understanding of violent actors and how it can hinder the development of adequate responses to violence,” it said.

Notwithstanding much evidence of the mistakes the United States has made over the past 22 years, U.S. political leaders seem to have learned few lessons, said the report, noting that “successive administrations have implemented policies based on information that is plainly misguided,” and the current approach has caused more harm than good.

The United States should take several steps back from counterproductive policies, integrate the lessons from 20 years of failure, and develop new strategies and approaches that truly aim to support foreign governments as they address the actual roots of violence, it added.